Cover DIN EN IEC 60404-6 VDE 0354-6:2022-05

DIN EN IEC 60404-6 VDE 0354-6:2022-05

Magnetic materials

Part 6: Methods of measurement of the magnetic properties of magnetically soft metallic and powder materials at frequencies in the range 20 Hz to 100 kHz by the use of ring specimens

(IEC 60404-6:2018 + COR1:2018 + AMD1:2021); German version EN IEC 60404-6:2018 + AC:2018 + A1:2021
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2022-05
VDE Art. No.: 0300145

This part of IEC 60404 specifies methods for the measurement of AC magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials, other than electrical steels and soft ferrites, in the frequency range 20 Hz to 100 kHz. The materials covered by this part of IEC 60404 include those
speciality alloys listed in IEC 60404-8-6, amorphous and nano-crystalline soft magnetic
materials, pressed and sintered and metal injection moulded parts such as are listed in IEC
60404-8-9, cast parts and magnetically soft composite materials.