Cover DIN EN 62329-3-102 VDE 0342-3-102:2011-05

DIN EN 62329-3-102 VDE 0342-3-102:2011-05

Heat-shrinkable moulded shapes

Part 3: Specification requirements for shape dimensions, material requirements and compatibility performance – Sheet 102: Heat-shrinkable elastomeric moulded shapes, semi-rigid, material requirements and system performance

(IEC 62329-3-102:2010); German version EN 62329-3-102:2010
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2011-05
VDE Art. No.: 0342005

Contents (only German)

This sheet of DIN EN 62329-3 gives the requirements for heat-shrinkable elastomeric moulded shape, semi-rigid material requirements and system performance. Experience of product performance indicates that this moulded shape material is suitable for inclusion in systems for operation in the following temperature ranges: -75 °C to + 120 °C.