IEC 60051 is published in separate parts according to the following structure and under the general title Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories.
Part 1: Definitions and General Requirements Common to all Parts.
Part 2: Special Requirements for Ammeters and Voltmeters.
Part 3: Special Requirements for Wattmeters and Varmeters.
Part 4: Special Requirements for Frequency Meters.
Part 5: Special Requirements for Phase Meters, Power Factor Meters and Synchroscopes.
Part 6: Special Requirements for Ohmmeters (Impedance Meters) and Conductance Meters.
Part 7: Special Requirements for Multi-function Instruments.
Part 8: Special Requirements for Accessories.
Part 9: Recommended Test Methods.
Parts 2 to 9 are not complete in themselves and shall be read in conjunction with this Part 1.
All of these parts are arranged in the same format and a standard relationship between subject and clause number is maintained throughout. This re-arrangement will assist the reader of IEC 60051 to distinguish information relating to the different types of instruments.

Title Format
Prüfung elektrischer Anlagen und Betriebsmittel - Grundlagen und Methoden
Faber, Ulrich; Grapentin, Manfred; Wettingfeld, Klaus

Prüfung elektrischer Anlagen und Betriebsmittel - Grundlagen und Methoden

Allgemeine Rechtsgrundsätze, EG-Richtlinien, ProdSG, BetrSichV, EnWG, BGV A3, TRBS, DIN VDE 0100, DIN VDE 0105-100, DIN IEC 60038 (VDE 0175), DIN EN 60204-1 (VDE 0113-1), DIN EN 61340 (VDE 0300), DIN EN 61010 (VDE 0411), DIN EN 61557 (VDE 0413), DIN VDE 0701-0702, DIN EN 61000-2/-6 (VDE 0839-2/-6), DIN EN 61000-4 (VDE 0847-4), DIN EN 60051
VDE-Schriftenreihe – Normen verständlich, Band 124

2012, 338 pages, Din A5, Broschur

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