Cover DIN IEC/IEEE 62582-4 VDE 0491-21-4:2020-03

DIN IEC/IEEE 62582-4 VDE 0491-21-4:2020-03

Nuclear power plants – Instrumentation and control important to safety – Electrical equipment condition monitoring methods

Part 4: Oxidation induction techniques

(IEC/IEEE 62582-4:2011)
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2020-03
VDE Art. No.: 0400362

This part of DIN IEC/IEEE 62582 (VDE 0491-21) series specifies methods for condition monitoring of organic and polymeric materials in instrumentation and control systems using oxidation induction. The standard describes the techniques in the detail necessary to produce accurate and reproducible measurements. It also includes the requirements for sample preparation, the measurement system and conditions, and the reporting of the measurement results.