Cover DIN EN ISO 4037-4 VDE 0412-4037-4:2021-07

DIN EN ISO 4037-4 VDE 0412-4037-4:2021-07

Radiological protection – X and gamma reference radiation for calibrating dosemeters and doserate meters and for determining their response as a function of photon energy

Part 4: Calibration of area and personal dosemeters in low energy X reference radiation fields

(ISO 4037-4:2019); German version EN ISO 4037-4:2021
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2021-07
VDE Art. No.: 0400452

This document gives guidelines on additional aspects of the characterization of low energy photon radiations and on the procedures for calibration and determination of the response of area and personal dose(rate)meters as a function of photon energy and angle of incidence. This document concentrates on the accurate determination of conversion coefficients from air kerma to Hp(10), H*(10), Hp(3) and H'(3) and for the spectra of low energy photon radiations. As an alternative to the use of conversion coefficients the direct calibration in terms of these quantities by means of appropriate reference instruments is described.