Cover DIN CEN ISO/TR 22930-1 VDE 0493-1-930-1:2022-05

DIN CEN ISO/TR 22930-1 VDE 0493-1-930-1:2022-05

Evaluating the performance of continuous air monitors

Part 1: Air monitors based on accumulation sampling techniques

(ISO/TR 22930-1:2020); German version CEN ISO/TR 22930-1:2021
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2022-05
VDE Art. No.: 0400506

The use of a continuous air monitor (CAM) is mainly motivated by the need to be alerted quickly and in the most accurate way possible with an acceptable false alarm rate when a significant activity concentration value is exceeded, in order to take appropriate measures to reduce exposure of those involved. The performance of this CAM does not only depend on the metrological aspect characterized by the decision threshold, the limit of detection and the measurement uncertainties but also on its dynamic capacity characterized by its response time as well as on the minimum detectable activity concentration corresponding to an acceptable false alarm rate. The ideal performance is to have a minimum detectable activity concentration as low as possible associated with a very short response time, but unfortunately these two criteria are in opposition. It is therefore important that the CAM and the choice of the adjustment parameters and the alarm levels be in line with the radiation protection objectives.