Cover DIN IEC 61504 VDE 0491-16:2022-05

DIN IEC 61504 VDE 0491-16:2022-05

Nuclear facilities

Instrumentation and control systems important to safety – Centralized systems for continuous monitoring of radiation and/or levels of radioactivity

(IEC 61504:2017)
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2022-05
VDE Art. No.: 0400517

This standard supplements DIN IEC 61559-1 (VDE 0493-5-1):2010-04 to include radiation monitoring functions important to safety that are not within the scope of DIN IEC 61559-1 (VDE 0493-5-1):2010-04. It applies to centralized systems having a direct role in the achievement or maintenance of radiation protection in nuclear facilities.