Cover VDE-AR-N 4400 Ber1 zur Anwendungsregel:2022-06

VDE-AR-N 4400 Ber1 zur Anwendungsregel:2022-06

Electricity Metrology (Metering Code); Corrigendum 1

Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2022-06
VDE Art. No.: 0400532

This corrigendum contains corrections to the chapter on “Allocation of designations for metering values” (chapter 4.3.5).
The Metering Code (VDE-AR-N 4400:2019-07) contained different specifications to the BSI technical guideline (TR-03109-1) which were not corrected in the current version 1.1 (09/2021). The necessary software update was not included at the time to avoid a delay of the roll-out for the smart meter gateway (SMGw).
A terminal cover opening should be visible in the “status word” all the while ensuring that the measured values can be billed. A distinction between control operation and manipulation (analogous to magnetic interference) is necessary. Values during "terminal cover opening in control operation" must not run into error registers. A hard "switching" into a non-billable mode (e.g. no more dispatch, counting into the error register) is not practical!
The VDE application guide (VDE-AR-N 4400) has been corrected to include these changes. The allocation of designations for metering values with status data from an SMGw has been further specified thus providing clarity for relevant market players.