Cover DIN IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1 VDE 0435-3118-1:2022-12

DIN IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1 VDE 0435-3118-1:2022-12

Measuring relays and protection equipment

Part 118-1: Synchrophasor for power systems – Measurements

(IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1:2018)
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2022-12
VDE Art. No.: 0400553

This standard is for synchronized phasor measurement systems in power systems. It defines a synchronized phasor (synchrophasor), frequency and rate of change of frequency measurements. It describes time tag and synchronization requirements for measurement of all three of these quantities. It specifies methods for evaluating these measurements, and requirements for compliance with the standard under both static and dynamic conditions. It defines a Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU), which can be a stand-alone physical unit or a functional unit within another physical unit. This standard does not specify hardware, software or a method for computing phasors, frequency, or rate of change of frequency.