Cover DIN EN 60811-510 VDE 0473-811-510:2012-12

DIN EN 60811-510 VDE 0473-811-510:2012-12

Electric and optical fibre cables – Test methods for non-metallic materials

Part 510: Mechanical tests – Methods specific to polyethylene and polypropylene compounds – Wrapping test after thermal ageing in air

(IEC 60811-510:2012); German version EN 60811-510:2012
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2012-12
VDE Art. No.: 0473054

Contents (only German)

IEC 60811 (series) specifies the test methods to be used for testing non-metallic materials of all types of cables. These test methods are intended to be referenced in standards for cable construction and for cable materials. This part 510 specifies the test method for a wrapping test after thermal ageing in air. This test method applies specifically to polyolefin insulation in communication cables. This test is intended for polyolefin insulations of unfilled cables and of dry cores for filled cables, where the insulation has a wall thickness of less than or equal to 0,8 mm.