Cover DIN EN 61954 VDE 0553-100:2018-01

DIN EN 61954 VDE 0553-100:2018-01

Static VAR compensators (SVC)

Testing of thyristor valves

(IEC 61954:2011 + A1:2013 + A2:2017); German version EN 61954:2011 + A1:2013 + A2:2017
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2018-01
VDE Art. No.: 0500114

Contents (only German)

This International Standard defines type, production and optional tests on thyristor valves used in thyristor controlled reactors (TCR), thyristor switched reactors (TSR) and thyristor switched capacitors (TSC) forming part of static VAR compensators (SVC) for power system applications. The requirements of the standard apply both to single valve units (one phase) and to multiple valve units (several phases).