Cover DIN VDE V 0510-100 VDE V 0510-100:2023-04

DIN VDE V 0510-100 VDE V 0510-100:2023-04

Safety of lithium-ion batteries from electrically propelled road vehicles for use in stationary applications

Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2023-04
VDE Art. No.: 0500250

This prestandard specifies basic safety requirements for the stationary use of lithium-ion batteries (hereinafter referred to as stationary batteries) that are approved as traction batteries for road vehicles subject to the German Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) (hereinafter referred to as traction batteries). These traction batteries have been approved for road vehicles (hereinafter referred to as homologation) and are intended for new use in stationary applications. They can be used batteries as well as new batteries. In this case, the legal regulations for batteries in stationary use must be complied with. The present document refers to existing requirements for lithium-ion batteries from vehicle homologation and stationary use. The pre-standard compares requirements for traction batteries with requirements that allow a presumption of conformity for stationary batteries. On this basis, the prestandard provides guidance on which homologation requirements can be applied as part of the conformity assessment, or which additional requirements exist as part of a conformity assessment. This prestandard is applicable for traction batteries, at least consisting of several battery cells, one or more safety devices, a battery management system (BMS), a housing and external interfaces. This also includes traction batteries on which modifications have been made for stationary use that represent deviations from the vehicle homologation status. Requirements are specified that consider the safety of traction batteries during their complete life cycle - storage, transportation, installation, operation, maintenance, disassembly and feeding for recycling. However, the document does not cover the requirements for battery energy storage systems (BESS) that use the traction batteries described here. These requirements are defined in other codes. The document focuses on industrial applications that are not accessible to non-experts. Home storage systems are not considered in this edition.