Cover DIN V VDE V 0510-11 VDE V 0510-11:2008-08

DIN V VDE V 0510-11 VDE V 0510-11:2008-08

Safety requirements for secondary lithium batteries for hybrid vehicles and mobile applications

Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2008-08
VDE Art. No.: 0510011

This pre-standard specifies requirements and tests for the safe operation of lithium ion secondary cells and batteries for use in vehicle technology. The provisions apply for both normal use and simple foreseeable misuse. This pre-standard applies for an operating voltage of DC 60 to DC 1 500 V for any type of hybrid or electric vehicle and similar applications approved for public transport. This pre-standard applies for cells and batteries containing lithium in any form, including lithium metal and lithium alloy systems as well as lithium ion systems. Lithium metal and lithium alloy systems use lithium metal or a lithium alloy as a negative electrode. Lithium ion systems use intercalation compounds (intercalated lithium exists in an ionic or quasi-atomic form within the grid of the electrode mass) in the positive und the negative electrode.