Cover DIN EN 61378-1 VDE 0532-41:2012-05

DIN EN 61378-1 VDE 0532-41:2012-05

Convertor transformers

Part 1: Transformers for industrial applications

(IEC 61378-1:2011); German version EN 61378-1:2011
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2012-05
VDE Art. No.: 0532079

Contents (only German)

This Part of IEC 61378 deals with the specification, design and testing of power transformers and reactors which are intended for integration within semiconductor converter plants.
The scope of this International Standard is limited to application of power converters of any power rating. Typical applications are: thyristor rectifiers for electrolysis; diode rectifiers for electrolysis; thyristor rectifiers for large drives; thyristor rectifiers for scrap melting furnaces, and diode rectifiers feeding inverters for variable speed drives. The standard also covers the regulating unit utilized in such application as step down regulating transformers or autotransformers. The valve winding highest voltage for equipment is limited to 36 kV.