Cover DIN CLC/TS 50539-12 VDE V 0675-39-12:2014-09

DIN CLC/TS 50539-12 VDE V 0675-39-12:2014-09

Low-voltage surge protective devices – Surge protective devices for specific application including d.c.

Part 12: Selection and application principles – SPDs connected to photovoltaic installations;

German version CLC/TS 50539-12:2013
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2014-09
VDE Art. No.: 0600050

Contents (only German)

Describes the principles for selection, operation, location and coordination of SPDs to be connected to PV installations.


DIN CLC/TS 51643-32 VDE V 0675-5-32:2022-12

Low-voltage surge protective devices

Part 32: Surge protective devices connected to the DC side of photovoltaic installations – Selection and application principles;

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