Cover DIN EN 60400 VDE 0616-3:2015-03

DIN EN 60400 VDE 0616-3:2015-03

* German Language Version *

Lampholders for tubular fluorescent lamps and starterholders

(IEC 60400:2008 + A1:2011 + A2:2014); German version EN 60400:2008 + A1:2011 + A2:2014
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2015-03
VDE Art. No.: 0600074


This Standard covers the technical and dimensional requirements for lampholders for tubular fluorescent lamps and for starterholders, and the methods of test to be used in determining the safety and the fit of the lamps in the lampholders and the starters in the starterholders.
This standard covers independent lampholders and lampholders for building-in, used with tubular fluorescent lamps provided with caps as listed in Annex A, and independent starterholders and starterholders for building-in, used with starters in accordance with IEC 60155, intended for use in a.c. circuits where the working voltage does not exceed 1000 V r.m.s.