Cover DIN VDE V 0642-100 VDE V 0642-100:2018-12

DIN VDE V 0642-100 VDE V 0642-100:2018-12

Circuit-breakers for equipment (CBE)

Part 100: Equipment for establishing a controlled short-circuit within the DC-side of photovoltaic installations

Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2018-12
VDE Art. No.: 0600212

Contents (only German)

This prestandard applies to eqiupment for use in photovoltaic installations intended to establish a controlled short-circuit in a PV-string (hereafter referred as PVK-equipment), having a system voltage up to 1500 VDC and a short-circuit current not exceeding 10A.
These PVK-equipment is intended to short-circuit a PV-string in case of bringing into service, maintenance, firefighting or emergency. They are designed for use by uninstructed people and for not being maintained.
These PVK-equipment is designed to fulfil class-II requirements and they are intended for use in an environment with pollution degree 2. Clearances are coordinated for overvoltage category III. Additional requirements might be necessary, if the PVK-equipment is installed in a more severe environment.