Cover DIN EN 60297-3-107 VDE 0687-297-3-107:2012-10

DIN EN 60297-3-107 VDE 0687-297-3-107:2012-10

Mechanical structures for electronic equipment – Dimensions of mechanical structures of the 482,6 mm (19 in) series

Part 3-107: Dimensions of subracks and plug-in units, small form factor

(IEC 60297-3-107:2012); German version EN 60297-3-107:2012
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2012-10
VDE Art. No.: 0687055

Contents (only German)

This part of IEC 60297 defines the interface dimensions between subracks and associated plug-in units using connectors as defined in PICMG-MTCA.0 (Fixed board, see Figure 7) and IEC 61076-4-116 (Two part, see Figure 12) and other two part connectors, (see Figure 15).