Cover DIN EN 60335-2-77 VDE 0700-77:2011-09

DIN EN 60335-2-77 VDE 0700-77:2011-09

Safety of household and similar appliances

Part 2-77: Particular requirements for pedestrian-controlled walk-behind electrically powered lawn mowers

(IEC 60335-2-77:2002, modified); German version EN 60335-2-77:2010
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2011-09
VDE Art. No.: 0700749

Contents (only German)

This European Standard specifies safety requirements and their verification for the design and construction of pedestrian controlled walk-behind electrically powered lawnmowers. This standard has to be used in conjunction with EN 60335-1:2002


DIN EN IEC 62841-4-3 VDE 0740-4-3:2022-12

Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery – Safety

Part 4-3: Particular requirements for pedestrian controlled walk-behind lawnmowers

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