Cover VDE-AR-E 2757-6-1 Anwendungsregel:2014-09

VDE-AR-E 2757-6-1 Anwendungsregel:2014-09

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Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) - Representation of integration profiles - System planning point of view

Class/Status: Anwendungsregel, valid
Released: 2014-09
VDE Art. No.: 0700848


Technical systems supporting people situatively and discreetly in everyday life in the sense of ambient assisted living (AAL) usually consist of several components (sensors, actors, networks and computers with programme modules) adapted to the user's living or work environment.
Unambiguous descriptions are needed to design the components that are necessary for a certain use case and to plan their networking. Integration profiles are a method to describe system components and interfaces starting from a use case.
This VDE application guide looks at the method for describing integration profiles in the AAL sector. It deals with the abstract view of AAL integration profiles and provides a method for the universal, cross-domain and cross-job description of AAL solutions on a function-oriented level abstracted from technical implementation. Individual components of the integration profile are described and the basic structure of an integration profile are explained in detail.
If the model of an AAL integration profile is technically implemented in a specific assistant system the interconnected components of the system (hardware and software components) perform the functions described in the AAL integration profile. The step from the AAL integration profile to the specific system consists in the selection of specific components performing the required functions and providing the required interfaces for interaction. The requirements for the specific system and the specification of functional interfaces are to be observed. The function-oriented description of application scenarios in integration profiles supports the dialogue between system planners, users, operators, system integrators and contractors and manufacturers and provides a cross-technology basis for the interoperability of AAL systems.