Cover DIN EN 60598-1 VDE 0711-1:2015-10

DIN EN 60598-1 VDE 0711-1:2015-10

* German Language Version *


Part 1: General requirements and tests

(IEC 60598-1:2014, modified); German version EN 60598-1:2015
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2015-10
VDE Art. No.: 0700904


This Part 1 of IEC 60598 specifies general requirements for luminaires, incorporating electric light sources for operation from supply voltages up to 1 000 V. The requirements and related tests of this standard cover: classification, marking, mechanical construction, electrical construction and photobiological safety.
Each section of this Part 1 is read in conjunction with this Section 0 and with other relevant sections to which reference is made.
Each part of IEC 60598-2 details requirements for a particular type of luminaire or group of luminaires on supply voltages not exceeding 1 000 V. These parts are published separately for ease of revision and additional sections will be added as and when a need for them is recognized.

This Standard is withdrawn and is replaced by the following


DIN EN 60598-1 VDE 0711-1:2018-09


Part 1: General requirements and tests

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