Cover DIN EN 60335-2-34 VDE 0700-34 Beiblatt 1:2016-06

DIN EN 60335-2-34 VDE 0700-34 Beiblatt 1:2016-06

Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety

Part 2-34: Particular requirements for motor-compressors; Supplement 1: Interpretations of DIN EN 60335-2-34 (VDE 0700-34)

Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2016-06
VDE Art. No.: 0700986

Contents (only German)

This Supplement consists of all relevant Interpretations of CENELEC/TC 61. In addition to that it includes all relevant decisions of OSM/HA Operational Staff Meeting for Household Appliances, an expert group of European test institutes. The Supplement is an extract of TR 50417:2014-05 which covers all decisions of the EN 60335 series.

This Document is related to the following Topics (in bold):

23.040 Pipeline components and pipelines
23.060 Valves
23.080 Pumps
23.120 Ventilators. Fans
23.140 Compressors and pneumatic machines

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