Cover DIN EN IEC 62841-3-7 VDE 0740-3-7:2022-08

DIN EN IEC 62841-3-7 VDE 0740-3-7:2022-08

Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery – Safety

Part 3-7: Particular requirements for transportable wall saws

(IEC 62841-3-7:2020); German version EN IEC 62841-3-7:2021 + A11:2021
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2022-08
VDE Art. No.: 0701390

This standard applies to transportable wall saws guided by a track guiding system intended for dry cutting or to be connected to a liquid system for cutting concrete, stone or similar material by means of a diamond wheel. The rated speed of the diamond wheel does not exceed a peripheral speed of 100 m/s at rated capacity.

This Document is related to the following Topics (in bold):

25.040 Industrial automation systems
25.080 Machine tools
25.100 Cutting tools
25.140 Hand-held tools
25.160 Welding, brazing and soldering
25.180 Industrial furnaces

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