The housing market in Germany is in a state of change. Increasing individualisation of people, the demographic change and requirements of new ways of life demand a considerably wider range of housing offers in the future. Housing companies are forced to take action to be able to offer attractive living space in the long run and hence safeguard their own existence. In addition to classical means such as modernisation the integration of simple housing technology and the development of nearby services in the immediate environment offer a means to achieve customer retention and increase the attractiveness of housing stock.

The "battle for tenants" has long since started on a changing market - what must be offered in the future is the product "living" instead of physical "accommodation". Along with the use of technical systems special features of the target group of "tenants" must be bourn in mind: affordability, usabil
ity, subsequent installability, the option for functional upgrades and an identifiable benefit even for people without an affinity towards technological innovation.
The housing companies' special task for the future is to give aging people the opportunity to stay long and healthy in their own homes. The integration of health-oriented services in the domestic environment offers a chance here.

Ideally, such assisted living can also be introduced in private homes and condominiums. This opens up a market for charitable organizations which may assume the role of agents or service providers in relation to users. Another option for housing companies is to extend their range of services to households beyond existing residential tenants.

What is more, the provision of these services should not be limited to elderly people. In principle, all people - even those without disabilities - can benefit from an integrated range of precautionary healthcare services and assistance in their daily lives.

Already today, networked technical systems can solve many everyday problems. However, in most cases these are standalone solutions and merging of technologies or connection with services does not take place. In the field of telemedicine individual approaches have been launched. There is a lack of links between useful functions of different manufacturers and well-rounded networking with medical competence. The "WohnSelbst" project has started here and developed a closed technical system provided in combination with health management and intended to help people to stay longer and healthy in their own homes.