Cover DIN EN 55016-2-1 VDE 0877-16-2-1:2014-01

DIN EN 55016-2-1 VDE 0877-16-2-1:2014-01

* German Language Version *

Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods

Part 2-1: Methods of measurement of disturbances and immunity – Conducted disturbance measurements

(CISPR 16-2-1:2008 + A1:2010 + A2:2013); German version EN 55016-2-1:2009 + A1:2011 + A2:2013
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2014-01
VDE Art. No.: 0800091


This standard contains the German version of EN 55016-2-1:2009 + A1:2010 + A2:2013 and is identisch with the International Standard CISPR 16-2-1:2008 and its Ämendments 1:2010 and 2:2013. It contains specifications for the measurement of radio frequency conducted disturbances (disturbance voltages and currents) of electrical and electronic equipment mainly in the frequency range 9 kHz to 30 MHz. In relation to the previous edition relevant specifications of CISPR 22 with general character, which serve for the measurement of conducted disturbances, were taken over in this standard. These specifications are mainly concerned with the configuration of the equipment under test. Furthermore annexes G, H and I were added in this standard which also stem from CISPR 22.