Cover DIN EN 50600-2-2 VDE 0801-600-2-2:2014-09

DIN EN 50600-2-2 VDE 0801-600-2-2:2014-09

* German Language Version *

Information technology – Data centre facilities and infrastructures

Part 2-2: Power distribution;

German version EN 50600-2-2:2014
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2014-09
VDE Art. No.: 0800139


Part 2-2 adresses power distribution within data centres based upon the criteria and classifications for "availability", "physical security" and "energy efficiency enablement" within EN 50600-1.
This European Standard specifies requirements and recommendations
for the following:
a) power supplies to data centres;
b) power distribution systems within data centres;
c) facilities for both normal and emergency lighting;
d) equipotential bonding and earthing (by reference to EN 50310);
e) lightning protection (by reference to EN 50310);
f) electrostatic discharge;
g) devices for the measurement of the power consumption characteristics at points along the power distribution system and their integration within management tools.