Cover DIN EN 62676-1-2 VDE 0830-7-5-12:2014-11

DIN EN 62676-1-2 VDE 0830-7-5-12:2014-11

Video surveillance systems for use in security applications

Part 1-2: System requirements – Performance requirements for video transmission

(IEC 62676-1-2:2013); German version EN 62676-1-2:2014
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2014-11
VDE Art. No.: 0800176

This section of the standard shall introduce general requirements on video transmission. With IEC 62676-3 a detailed specification on analog video transmission over different media including signal
and performance requirements is already defined. For the growing number of surveillance applications based on IP video transmission the requirements are defined in 2 standards: This standard covers the general requirements for video transmissions on performance, security and conformance to basic IP connectivity, based on available, well-known, international standards. In areas where more detailed IP requirements are necessary additional specifications are given, in
order to reach compatibility. In this standard no detailed and special VSS protocols are defined. In part -2 of this standard series a detailed video IP protocol, messages and commands on top of the general connectivity and performance requirements of this subpart -1 are defined. Part -2 defines an IP protocol for full interoperability (e.g. PTZ control, eventing, etc.) of video transmission devices used in surveillance applications.