Cover DIN EN 62110 VDE 0848-110 Berichtigung 1:2015-07

DIN EN 62110 VDE 0848-110 Berichtigung 1:2015-07

Corrigendum to DIN EN 62110 (VDE 0848-110):2010-08; (IEC-Cor.:2015 to IEC 62110:2009)

Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2015-07
VDE Art. No.: 0800253

This Corrigendum serves for the exchange of figures B.1, B.6, B.9 and B.11 in the German version of the European Standard EN 62110:2009 - published as DIN EN 62110 (VDE 0848-110) - which takes over the International standard IEC 62110:2009. The Corrigendum is required due to the relevant Corrigendum to the the International standard. The standard establishes measurement procedures (one, three and five point measurement) for electric and magnetic field levels generated by AC power systems to evaluate the exposure levels of the persons of the general public in the domestic environment and in areas accessible to the public to such fields.