Cover DIN EN 50117-4-2 VDE 0887-4-2:2016-02

DIN EN 50117-4-2 VDE 0887-4-2:2016-02

Coaxial cables

Part 4-2: Sectional specification for CATV cables up to 6 GHz used in cabled distribution networks;

German version EN 50117-4-2:2015
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2016-02
VDE Art. No.: 0800288

This sectional specification relates to EN 50117-1 and should be read in conjunction with this generic pecification. This specification applies to indoor drop cables for use in cabled distribution systems operating
at temperature between -40 °C and +70 °C1 and at frequencies between 5 MHz and 6 000 MHz and complying with the requirements of EN 50083. These cables are suitable to implement the network type
Case D as depicted in Figure 1 and Clause 6.6 of EN 60728-1-1:2014.


DIN EN 50117-9-3 VDE 0887-9-3:2019-09

Coaxial cables

Part 9-3: Sectional specification for coaxial cables for analogue and digital signal transmission – Indoor drop cables for systems operating at 5 MHz - 6 000 MHz;

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