This standard contains the German version of the European Standard EN 55032:2015 and is identical with the second edition of the International Standard CISPR 32 (edition 2015). The standard deals with the limitation of the radio-frequency emission (radio disturbance suppression) of multimedia equipment and specifies the relevant limits and measuring methods. In relation to the existing standard the normative references were updated, limits for the use with measurements in the fully anechoic room (FAR) and limits for outdoor units of home satellite receiving systems in annex A and information related to the measurement at latter units in the new annex H were added. Furthermore the new annex I with information concerning the measurement of radiated disturbances in GTEM cells and reverberation chambers were added.


DIN EN 55032 VDE 0878-32:2022-08

Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment

Emission requirements

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