Cover DIN EN 55024 VDE 0878-24:2016-05

DIN EN 55024 VDE 0878-24:2016-05

Information technology equipment

Immunity characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement

(CISPR 24:2010 + Cor.:2011 + A1:2015); German version EN 55024:2010 + A1:2015
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2016-05
VDE Art. No.: 0800316

Contents (only German)

This standard contains the German version of the European Standard EN 55024:2010 + A1:2015 and takes over the International Standard CISPR 24:2010 and its Amendment 1:2015. It specifies requirements and associated test methods for the immunity of information technology equipment (ITE). Particular test conditions and performance criteria for particular kind of equipment are contained in the normative annexes. In relation to the previous edition the 4 % step size for tests with continuous rf was (re-)introduced, sub-clause A.26 was added and cable attenuation values for further DSL systems were added in table H.2.


DIN EN 55035/A11 VDE 0878-35/A11:2022-06

Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment

Immunity requirements;

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