Cover DIN EN 62368-1 VDE 0868-1 Berichtigung 2:2017-04

DIN EN 62368-1 VDE 0868-1 Berichtigung 2:2017-04

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Corrigendum to DIN EN 62368-1 (VDE 0868-1):2016-05

Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2017-04
VDE Art. No.: 0800402

This part of IEC 62368 is applicable to the safety of electrical and electronic equipment within the field of audio, video, information and communication technology, and business and office machines with a rated voltage not exceeding 600 V.
This corrigendum, like the standard, does not include requirements for performance or functional characteristics of equipment.

This Standard is withdrawn and is replaced by the following


NEW DIN EN IEC 62368-1 VDE 0868-1:2021-05

Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment

Part 1: Safety requirements

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