Cover DIN EN 55025 VDE 0879-2:2018-03

DIN EN 55025 VDE 0879-2:2018-03

Vehicles, boats and internal combustion engines

Radio disturbance characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement for the protection of on-board receivers

(CISPR 25:2016 + COR1:2017); German version EN 55025:2017 + AC:2017
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2018-03
VDE Art. No.: 0800472

Contents (only German)

This standard contains limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics for the protection of receivers used on board of vehicles, boats and internal combustion engines against conducted and radiated disturbances produced by components built in the same vehicle. Methods for the measurement of the complete vehicle and for the measurement of components independent from the vehicle are established and limits for the electronmagnetic emission are given. The considered frequency range is 150 kHz to 2 500 MHz. This standard defines a numerous sets of limits as the installation location of the component, the construction of the vehicle chassis and the design of the harness can influence the coupling of radio disturbances in the built-in receiver. In relation to the previous edition specifications for the measurement and requirements .for the emission of electric and hybrid vehicles during the charging of the battery and for the validation of the ALSE were added.