Cover DIN EN 50174-1 VDE 0800-174-1:2018-10

DIN EN 50174-1 VDE 0800-174-1:2018-10

* German Language Version *

Information technology – Cabling installation

Part 1: Installation specification and quality assurance;

German version EN 50174-1:2018
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2018-10
VDE Art. No.: 0800508


The project revises EN 50174-1 as follows: requirements for remote powering in support of power levels offered by IEEE 802.3bt; Annex B on fibre optic connecting hardware split into normative (Annex B) and informative (Annex C) part; new Annex G on Euro Classes regarding the reaction to fire of cables; several other requirements (e. g. Table 4) updated.

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Schmolke, Herbert

EMV-gerechte Errichtung von Niederspannungsanlagen

Planung und Errichtung unter Berücksichtigung der Elektromagnetischen Verträglichkeit gemäß DIN VDE 0100, DIN EN 50310 (VDE 0800-2-310) und DIN EN 50174-2 (VDE 0800-174-2) u. a.
VDE-Schriftenreihe – Normen verständlich, Band 126

2017, 377 pages, Din A5, Broschur

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