Cover DIN VDE 0834-2 VDE 0834-2:2019-02

DIN VDE 0834-2 VDE 0834-2:2019-02

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Call systems in hospitals, nursing homes and similiar institutions

Part 2: Environmental conditions and electromagnetic compatibility

Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2019-02
VDE Art. No.: 0800536


This standard is applicable to the erection, alteration, expansion and inspection as well as to the operation of call systems (CS) providing assistance in calling or searching for persons as required; furthermore, additional information can also be transmitted. A typical feature of such systems is a more or less considerable risk the calling person or others may be exposed to if a call cannot be signalled because of some functional faults or if faults are not noticed in time.

This Document is related to the following Topics (in bold):

11.020 Medical sciences and health care facilities in general
11.040 Medical equipment
11.060 Dentistry
11.080 Sterilization and disinfection
11.100 Laboratory medicine
11.140 Hospital equipment
11.180 Aids for disabled or handicapped persons
13.020 Environmental protection
13.030 Wastes
13.040 Air quality
13.060 Water quality
13.080 Soil quality. Pedology
13.100 Occupational safety. Industrial hygiene
13.110 Safety of machinery
13.180 Ergonomics
13.220 Protection against fire
13.230 Explosion protection
13.260 Protection against electric shock. Live working
13.280 Radiation protection
13.300 Protection against dangerous goods
13.310 Protection against crime
13.320 Alarm and warning systems
13.340 Protective equipment
33.020 Telecommunications in general
33.040 Telecommunication systems
33.050 Telecommunication terminal equipment
33.060 Radiocommunications
33.070 Mobile services
33.100 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
33.120 Components and accessories for telecommunications equipment
33.140 Special measuring equipment for use in telecommunications
33.160 Audio, video and audiovisual engineering
33.170 Television and radio broadcasting
33.180 Fibre optic communications
33.200 Telecontrol. Telemetering

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EG-Richtlinien, BetrSichV, GPSG, EBO, ElBergV, MBO, MLAR, EltBauVO, VO der der Länder für Sonderbauten, BGV A3, TRBS, VdS, VDE 0100, 0105, 0107, 0108, 0165, 0185, 0828, 0833, 0834, DIN 6280, DIN 14675
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