Cover DIN EN 50496 VDE 0848-496:2019-10

DIN EN 50496 VDE 0848-496:2019-10

Determination of workers' exposure to electromagnetic fields and assessment of risk at a broadcast site;

German version EN 50496:2018
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2019-10
VDE Art. No.: 0800615

Contents (only German)

This standard contains the German version of the second edition of the European Standard EN 50496. This standard has the purpose to specify methods for the assessment of the conformity with the requirements of the European Workers Directive 2014/35/EU with regard to the safety of persons in electromagnetic fields. Hereby the frequency range up to 40 GHz is covered. The assessment should be done by collection of technical data or measurement and/or calculation of the exposure level. The results shall be included in an assessment report. Measures eventually required for the safety of persons in electromagnetic fields and a division of the workplace in zones are also described in this standard. The changes related to the first edition result from the implementation of the new Directive.