Industry 4.0 transforms value creation, business success and work. Value chains become flexible, agile and globally networked value creation systems. Data and its use are core elements of digital business models. They are created continuously during the manufacture of products, but are also later generated, processed and/or stored by the products themselves throughout their entire life cycle. Appropriate data protection, e.g. against modification, loss or unauthorized access, is of eminent importance for the maintenance of business processes and services.
Business processes, systems and products involved in them must be designed, built, operated and maintained in such a way that their capabilities ensure this protection throughout their entire life cycle.
This VDE application guide provides a standardized and structured approach for identifying the appropriate protection requirements of business processes and information (Primary Assets), selecting associated catalogs of measures and suitable packages of measures for information processing assets (Supporting Assets) for their protection, as well as their implementation and verification. A detailed risk analysis is initially dispensed with; this can (and in some cases must) be carried out additionally.
Existing security expert knowledge in the form of catalogs of measures and best practices form the essential basis and serve as a starting point for the development of a security concept, implementation and verification.