Cover DIN VDE V 0831-101 VDE V 0831-101:2022-08

DIN VDE V 0831-101 VDE V 0831-101:2022-08

Electric signalling systems for railways

Part 101: Semi-quantitative processes for risk analysis of technical functions in railway signalling

Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2022-08
VDE Art. No.: 0800809

This pre-standard is applicable to safety-related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic (E/E/PE) systems, including subsystems and equipment for electric signalling systems for railways .
This pre-standard establishes requirements for the reliable design and application of semi-quantitative risk analysis methods for railroad signaling systems. It provides guidance on how these methods can be constructed and applied to derive safety requirements for technical systems for signalling systems for railways by
- basic principles are explained
- providing the necessary procedural steps to perform the risk analysis,
- providing appropriate terms, prerequisites, dimensions for the assessment of relevant parameters such as extent of damage or effectiveness of barriers,
- examples of the necessary worksheets or other tabular forms are provided.
This pre-standard is applicable to functions within an overall system for which safety requirements can be determined in terms of a SIL and a THR. This prestandard applies to generic subsystems and equipment (both application-independent or intended for a specific class of applications) and also to application-specific systems/subsystems/equipment.
This pre-standard is applicable to the functional safety of railroad signalling systems. It does not deal with security aspects and does not deal with the occupational safety of personnel.
No regional or international standards exist for the scope of this pre-standard.

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93.080 Road engineering
93.100 Construction of railways
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