Cover DIN EN IEC 60794-1-31 VDE 0888-100-31:2022-11

DIN EN IEC 60794-1-31 VDE 0888-100-31:2022-11

Optical fibre cables

Part 1-31: Generic specification – Optical cable elements – Optical fibre ribbon

(IEC 60794-1-31:2021); German version EN IEC 60794-1-31:2021
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2022-11
VDE Art. No.: 0800833

This part of IEC 60794 is a generic specification and describes the normative requirements for optical fibre ribbons. Requirements described in this part apply to fibre_optic_tape_cables for use with telecommunications equipment and equipment using similar techniques, in particular fibre_optic_cables in IEC 60794-2 for indoor use and in IEC 60794-3 for outdoor use. Fibre_optic_cables allow an even more compact design and thus an increase in the number of fibres for the same cable diameter. Provided the appropriate connection technology is used, such an increase enables the accelerated expansion of point-to-point connections or even a channel increase per cable. Detailed specifications can be reviewed in the specification documents for each application such as IEC 60794-2 and IEC 60794-3.