Cover DIN EN IEC 62037-6 VDE 0887-37-6:2023-11

DIN EN IEC 62037-6 VDE 0887-37-6:2023-11

Passive RF and microwave devices, intermodulation level measurement

Part 6: Measurement of passive intermodulation in antennas

(IEC 62037-6:2021); German version EN IEC 62037-6:2022
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2023-11
VDE Art. No.: 0800909

This part of IEC 62037 defines the test fixtures and procedures recommended for measuring levels of passive intermodulation generated by antennas, typically used in wireless communication systems. The purpose is to define qualification and acceptance test methods for antennas for use in low intermodulation (low IM) applications.