Cover DIN EN 50441-4 VDE 0815-4:2012-10

DIN EN 50441-4 VDE 0815-4:2012-10

* German Language Version *

Cables for indoor residential telecommunication installations

Part 4: Cables up to 1 200 MHz – Grade 3;

German version EN 50441-4:2012
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2012-10
VDE Art. No.: 0815007


This European Standard specifies the constructional details and performance requirements for cables for installation in indoor residential cabling systems characterized up to 1 200 MHz. Cables in this European Standard are based on the common design rules specified in EN 50290 2 1 and are specifically intended for supporting ICT and BCT applications (telephone, computer and TV services) as specified in EN 50173-4.