Cover DIN EN 50498 VDE 0879-498:2011-04

DIN EN 50498 VDE 0879-498:2011-04

* German Language Version *

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Product family standard for aftermarket electronic equipment in vehicles;

German version EN 50498:2010
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2011-04
VDE Art. No.: 0879010


This standard contains the german version of EN 50498:2010. It serves to the implementation of the requirements of the EMC Directive for road vehicles, 2004/104/EG, for electrical and electronic sub-assemblies (ESAs), whiche are intended for the insertion in road vehicles as aftermarket equipment and which do not fulfil any functions that are in relation to immunity-related functions of the vehicle in the meaning of 2.1.12 of annex I of the EMC Directive for road vehicles. For these EUB requirements concerning the emission of radiated electromagnetic broadband and narrowband disturbances and of conducted transient disturbances and futhermore requirements concerning the immunity against conducted transient disturbances are specified.