Cover DIN VDE 0888-745 VDE 0888-745:2010-12

DIN VDE 0888-745 VDE 0888-745:2010-12

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Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components

Fibre optic connector interfaces – Type EM-RJ connector family;

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Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2010-12
VDE Art. No.: 0888111


This standard defines the standard interface dimensions for the type EM-RJ family of connectors.
The parent connector for type EM-RJ connector family is a duplex connector set of plug/adaptor configuration which is characterized by 2,5 mm nominal diameter ferrules. The connector includes a single coupling latch and a ferrule spring loaded in the direction of the optical axis. The plug has a single male key, which may be used to orient and limit the relative position between the connector and the component to which it is mated. The optical alignment mechanism of the connectors is a rigid bore sleeve or a resilient sleeve.