Cover DIN EN 60794-3-11 VDE 0888-311:2011-04

DIN EN 60794-3-11 VDE 0888-311:2011-04

* German Language Version *

Optical fibre cables

Part 3-11: Outdoor cables – Product specification for duct, directly buried and lashed aerial single-mode optical fibre telecommunication cables

(IEC 60794-3-11:2010); German version EN 60794-3-11:2010
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2011-04
VDE Art. No.: 0888114


This part o IEC 60794 sets forth technical requirements and characteristics of single-mode optical fibre cables for duct and direct buried installation. This specification includes functional mechanical, environmental and optical requirements, recommended features and test methods for assessing the product against the stated requirements.