Cover E DIN EN IEC 60255-27 VDE 0435-327:2019-02

E DIN EN IEC 60255-27 VDE 0435-327:2019-02

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Measuring relays and protection equipment

Part 27: Product safety requirements

(IEC 95/390/CD:2018); Text in German and English
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2019-02   Published: 2019-01-25
VDE Art. No.: 1400342
End of objection deadline: 2019-03-25


This part of the IEC 60255 series describes the product safety requirements for measuring relays and protection equipment having a rated AC voltage up to 1 000 V, or a rated DC voltage up to 1 500 V. Above these limits, IEC 60664-1 is applicable for the determination of clearance, creepage distance and withstand test voltage. This standard specifies essential safety requirements to minimize the risk of fire and hazards caused by electric shock or injury to the user, this standard is intended to describe only product safety requirements, functional performance of the equipment is not covered.