Cover E DIN EN 61921 VDE 0560-700:2016-11

E DIN EN 61921 VDE 0560-700:2016-11

* German Language Version *

Power capacitors

Low-voltage power factor correction banks

(IEC 33/589/CDV:2016); German version prEN 61921:2016
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2016-11   Published: 2016-10-07
VDE Art. No.: 1500092
End of objection deadline: 2016-12-07


This International Standard is applicable to low-voltage a.c. shunt capacitor banks intended to be used for power factor correction purposes, possibly equipped with a built-in switchgear and controlgear apparatus capable of connecting to or disconnecting from the mains part(s) of the bank with the aim to correct its power factor.

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