Cover E DIN IEC 61378-3 VDE 0532-43:2021-06

E DIN IEC 61378-3 VDE 0532-43:2021-06

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Converter transformers

Part 3: Application guide

(IEC 61378-3:2015)
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2021-06   Published: 2021-05-28
VDE Art. No.: 1500211
End of objection deadline: 2021-07-28

This part of IEC 61378 provides information to users about specific topics related to industrial and HVDC converter transformers with design, construction, testing and operating conditions differing from conventional transformers used in power systems. In addition, it is the aim of the present part of IEC 61378 to provide manufacturers with the technical background that forms the basis for the principles used within IEC 61378-1 and IEC 61378-2.
It is intended that this part of IEC 61378 is used to supplement and not replace or supersede the application guide for power transformers, IEC 60076-8, since many of the general principles contained within it are equally applicable to converter transformers.