Cover E VDE-AR-E 2842-61-3 Anwendungsregel:2021-06

E VDE-AR-E 2842-61-3 Anwendungsregel:2021-06

Development and Trustworthiness of autonomous/cognitive Systems

Part 61-3: Development at Solution Level (whole application); Text in English

Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2021 -06   Published: 2021-05 -07
VDE Art. No.: 1800646
End of objection deadline: 2021-07-07

This VDE application guide, Development and Trustworthiness of autonomous/cognitive Systems – Part 3: Development at Solution Level (whole application) describes the requirements for the management in order to ensure and support a structured approach to the development of an trustworthy autonomous cognitive system. This entails guidance (e. g. process, procedures synchronized with the overall process), supporting means (e. g. methods, templates) as well as resource planning and activity tracking to ensure the right performance of the system. The obligation is split into three parts: the management on company level, the management during the project and the management after release. VDE AR 2842-61-3 is part of an overall reference lifecycle as a unified approach to achieve and maintain the overall performance of the solution and the intended behavior and trustworthiness of the autonomous / cognitive system. In addition, this could lead to a basis for the qualification and conformity assessment of solutions based on autonomous / cognitive systems including elements of artificial intelligence. This VDE-application guide is written in English.