Cover E VDE-AR-E 2842-61-5 Anwendungsregel:2022-12

E VDE-AR-E 2842-61-5 Anwendungsregel:2022-12

Development and trustworthiness of autonomous/cognitive systems

Part 61-5: Development at Technology Level; Text in English

Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2022 -12   Published: 2022-11 -18
VDE Art. No.: 1800780
End of objection deadline: 2023-01-18

This is part 5 of the VDE-AR-E 2842-61 series of application guides (AR). It describes the requirements for the reference lifecycle phase “Development at Technology Level”. The purpose of the technology level is to provide the approach to develop an element based on a certain type of technology while achieving and maintaining the overall performance of the solution and the behavior and trustworthiness of the A/C-system. For hardware elements (aka. electronics) and software elements this AR points to already existing standards. For the implementation of AI elements this part uses the concept of the “AI blueprint” which can be understood as process building block (e.g. a V-model) to develop an AI element using a certain type of AI technology (e.g. neural networks, rule based expert systems, A* search algorithm). To enable this approach, this part clarifies how to define, qualify and apply such AI blueprints. Furthermore it provides examples in the appendix.