Buhmann, Erich (Ed.)

JoDLA 8-2023

Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture

2023, XVIII, 648 pages, 170 x 240 mm, Broschur
ISBN 978-3-87907-740-3, e-book: ISBN 978-3-87907-741-0

Content Foreword Extract

Dieses Werk beinhaltet die Tagungsbeiträge der internationalen Fachtagung „Digital Landscape Architecture – DLA 2023“, die vom 25. bis zum 27. Mai 2023 an der Hochschule Anhalt in Dessau stattfinden wird.

Die 66 Fachbeiträge (in Englisch) befassen sich mit folgenden Themenschwerpunkten:
• Resilient Landscape, Global Change and Hazard Response
• Landscape and Building Information Modeling (LIM + BIM) and other Standardizations in Digital Landscape Architecture
• Algorithmic Design and Analysis Landscapes
• Geodesign Approaches, Technologies, and Case Studies
• UAV Imagery and Remote Sensing and Digital Fabrication in Landscape Architecture
• Visualization, Animation and Mixed Reality Landscapes (VR, AR)
• Teaching and Hybridization in Digital Landscape Architecture
Prof. Erich Buhmann holds a bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture from Munich-Weihenstephan and a MLA as Fulbright Scholar from SUNY Syracuse in the USA. He was Professor of Landscape Informatics at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences from 1995 to 2020 and served as founding director of the English language Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) program from 1998 to 2008. As a registered landscape architect, he is a partner in the landscape architecture firm ATELIER BERNBURG Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH. From 1995 to 2005 he co-authored the annual GIS Report for the German speaking part of Europe. He is the founding chair of the annual international Conference on Digital Landscape Architecture which started in 1999.